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We make it easy!


You are just a few steps away from a complete and enjoyable yardscape. 

Step 1 - Meeting & Site Visit


We will set up a time that works for your schedule. Once we have a chance to visit about your ideas and needs, we wil take notes, photos and measurements of your space.  We would also ask for past surveys and the wherabouts of utilities within the space.






Step 2 - Design Proposal 


Within one to two weeks, Seed to Site will craft a design that meets your budget and expectations. Designs will be presented in a professional format with hard or electronic copies available. Also included within the proposal is a project budget and list of materials with a cost estimate.



Step 3 - Design Implimentation 


We wil coordinate with local government to apply for proper permits and coordinate with Gopher State One Call. 


Seed to Site has years of experience taking the design and transforming it into reality. We will be in communication with you of any issues arise. Our main goal is to transform this space with the least inconvenience to you, in a timely manner. 


Once the work is completed, we will have a final walk thru together, offer mainentance advice, and issue the final invoice for the project. 


We also offer continued maintenance as well as occasional site visits to ensure that your new space is healthy and enjoyable.

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